Love as a Practice

We practice Ahimsa, not harming. First with ourselves, with our bodies, mind and spirits. In our yoga room with our companions of journey, and we expand that out of the yoga room, with our families, friends, lovers and community.

Cultivate Awareness

Be a Beginner! If we practice “be here and now”, we practice awareness. Awareness of the physical body, awareness of the mind and awareness of the spirit, these are not separate. The first step is when we notice we are breathing. Breathing is important! If we don’t breath, we don’t live. Don’t be attached to the moments, to the experiences, to the thinkings. Letting go and begin again, and again. Every breath is a new moment to start.

Teachings Journey : Kindness and Compassion

I teach from some deeper place in my heart and I integrate kindness and compassion, flexibility, passion and love. I teach what my teachers have been teaching me. And I integrate what I have been learning through my practices and experiences.

Yoga as a way of life