5-day Sama-Ashtanga yoga intensive with Chuck Miller

in Chamonix Mont-Blanc

 The art and practice of discovering your true nature, Sama.

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Time: 5 – 9 2019

Place: Mauna Yoga Chamonix

Horaires : 10:00 am – 13:00 pm & 14:00 – 17:00 pm

An in-depth look at the core and essential principals of the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and how it can be used as a guide for any yoga practice and in life itself.

It’s a unique opportunity for practitioners of all levels to reveal an often over-looked core dimension of yoga. In this course, Chuck Miller will share with us, drawing on his vast experience of years of practicing, how to apply asanas appropriately so that each of us can achieve our ultimate potential. Yoga philosophy will be linked to the practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation for the purpose of greater insight.

Chamonix Workshop will start slow and in-depth and will evolve into something more customized for each individual as it progresses. Each day will start as a Led Class, evolving towards ‘Mysore Style’ as we progress through the week. Beginners in Ashtanga will find ways in the instructions to adjust, to take the time needed to be safe and continue on a steady pace. More experienced students will improve by clearing dysfunctional patterns, finding profound subtleties of the practice, and creating a smoother, faster advancement with less injury! Yoga philosophy will be linked to the practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation for the purpose of greater insight. Chuck will help us all recognize the voices of Maya, illusion, and distraction as we work towards clarity and freedom.

Our afternoons will take a gradual, step-by-step approach. There will be ample time for questions and to dive into particular subtleties of the practice, including how we use our spines in forward arch, back arch, and twists; bringing light to the dark places by breathing into the back body; protecting our shoulders; measuring our progress by the quality of our effort rather than illusory apparent « results »; and doing partner work to help each other learn, especially in the areas we cannot see ourselves. We can learn to trust ourselves and we can help each other!

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Join Chuck Miller in his 5 Day Intensive

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Note: All classes are taught in English. 


All levels are welcome; students and yoga teachers, those new to Ashtanga Yoga and those with many years of practice. The intent is to help each of us to find our own optimal level of comfort and challenge, and to find our own practice.

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« I don’t care how far you go, nor how fast you go. That you understand the direction and quality of effort is more important. It will start slower, it must. We cannot look deeply inside if we continue to run in the same grooves. We need to step out of the regular, habituated patterns of practice in order to evolve (love is in there, in that word!) and go deeper into the essential truths. Come On. Give it a try. See if you are willing to be a beginner! LovePeace! Why not! ». Chuck




We can provide accommodation for students who don’t live in Chamonix. Please contact us directly if you need this service!



A renovated heritage building, 10 minutes from downtown Chamonix. There’s a wonderful view of the mountains and especially the Mont Blanc, its glaciers and surrounding summits!