About us

Learn as if you were to live forever: Be as you are, practice love and compassion.

Mauna Yoga Chamonix is a space for training and deepening in Yoga. Dedicated to yoga research and study. We organize yoga events and teach yoga in Chamonix Mont-Blanc. We hope the combination of these both experiences of learning, intensives community gathering and regular daily classes can contribute to a deeper learning in different yoga practices and studies. We think Yoga is ONE, in which there are different names to put in, it’s depending on the focus we want to go in. In all this different Yoga practices and many others different practices the “journey” is the same: To find freedom and happiness, to connect with Love and awareness, to create together a better and Peaceful world to live. We want to contribute and share this same intention with you.

Lac Apaisée
Mauna. Take a deeper travel into the silence and sumerge through the stillness of your self

With Love,