” Vinyasa is the core concept of the classical Ashtanga Yoga sequence. It is a method of learning, a way to get from where you are to some other place. It involves a gradual step- by-step approach. The idea is that there is almost nothing that you cannot do if you go slowly enough. We do though need to go slow enough to get us from where we are to where we want to go. That is how we best can learn” Chuck Miller .

In this class, we are inspired by some of the asanas we practice in the Ashtanga yoga system, incorporating variations from primary and second series and poses not part of Ashtanga, balancing the offering of standing, sitting, strengthening, hip opening and backing bending positions.

Modifications are offered therefore, it is open to all levels of practitioners except complete beginners. We work on one of these asanas or in a group of asanas which are related to a common subject, linking it with the breath and movement between one and another.

Our approach is gradual and we work step by step, starting slowly to go deeper into the understanding and foundation of the pose. We study the asanas from their different perspectives and we progress during the class. Slowly we increase the challenge in a kind and respectful way for the body.

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