Surya Namaskara

SURYA NAMASKARA is a moving prayer

It is the action of worshipping the Sun

Surya is the Indian name for the form of God represented by the Sun, the figure of Supreme Truth and Knowledge; The Awakener of Consciousness. 

Namaskara is the action of bowing in reverence. 

Traditionally, SuryaNamaskara is done facing East in the morning before the sun has risen. It is important to practice cleansed and empty, presentable to the divine and ready to receive. 

This is no ordinary act. Your full power of attention focused on the present moment, “Atha!” (1.1)

Dive deep within yourself to discover the power of the sun, “Surya,” that resides in every cell and impulse of who and what you are. Know that Surya is within you and outside of you. Know that you and the sun truly are One. 

Move slowly with awareness. Movement and breath intimately liked together. As the breath becomes deeper and slower the movements also follow in the same way. 

No hurry. Lengthening the breath is symbolic of, and has the actual effect of, increasing consciousness, presence, and lengthening the life span. The breath is a reflection of the cosmic inhale and exhale; the creation and dissolution of all things in the Universe. Cosmic and mundane arise from the same laws.

© Chuck Miller