On-line schedule from March 08 to April 09 2021

Class descrition

Beginners Ashtanga

You can join anytime. If it’s your first practice or if you want to review the bases of your own asana practice. We study some fundamental movements of the body that can allow being used in any yoga practice and which you will be kindly integrate everyday after. We explore the basics of the first series of the Ashtanga yoga method. We take the time in each asana to explore it in its own nature and detail.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 

We explore the first series of Ashtanga Method, called Yoga Chikitsā. It’s a healing sequence of yoga developed by Siri K. Pattabhi Jois, from Mysore India, who have been learning directly from Sri T. Krishnamacharya. This technique can help us to clean our physical, energetic, and mental bodies. Bringing peace, health, and happiness to ourselves and to others. This technique uses a specific sequence of asanas ( which includes standing positions, sitting positions, torsions, forward bending, back arches, inversions, relaxation, and others), which are learning in a progressive time, step by step, according to each student. These diferents asanas are linked with a breathing technique called Sama Vrtti Ujjayi Pranayama. Following the method of Vinyasa, step by step approach. Helping us to cultivate complete presence in our practice and daily life, and through a consistent, sincere, and dedicated practice find the evenness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Mysore Style 

This is the original method to learn the sequences of Ashtanga Yoga. In a collective room, called Shala in Sanskrit, each student learns individually. The teacher gives advice and adjusts some Asanas to each student requirement at that moment. Each student learns at their own pace meanwhile there is a common energy that every student share with each other. Creating a great ambiance of togetherness, sharing the same purposes and love for the practice and each other.


” Vinyasa is the core concept of the classical Ashtanga Yoga sequence. Is a method of learning, a way to get from where you are to some other place. It involves a gradual step-by-step approach. The idea is that there is almost nothing that you cannot do if you go slowly enough. We do though need to go slow enough to get us from where we are to where we want to go. That is how we best can learn” From Chuck Miller . On this class, we are inspired for some of the asanas we practice in the Ashtanga yoga sequence. We work on one of this asanas or in a group of asanas which are related to a common subject, linking it with the breath and movement between one and another. Our approach is gradual and we work step by step, starting slow to go deeper into the understanding and foundation of the pose, we study the asana from their different perspectives and we progress during the class. Slow we increase the challenge in a kind and respectful way for the body.


With the same foundations than our classical Vinyasa course, here me add more attention on each movement and breath. The focus of this class is to really connect with each tiny movement of the body through the practice. To do that, our ritme decrease and our attention goes directly inside trough our work with the breath. We work with less asanas than in a classical vinyasa class, but we maintain the constant breath-movement work.


In restorative yoga we use props to provide a completely supportive environment for total relaxation. Each restorative sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions. The restorative practice also includes an inverted pose, which reverses the effects of gravity. Restorative yoga alternately stimulates and soothes the internal organs of the body. Also balances the Prana and Apana of energy. We recommend to have at least once a week a restorative yoga practice.

*During new and full moon days we soften our practices and we focus more in and introspective work, using techniques like pranayama, meditation or chanting.

During this time we offer online daily classes, educational recording courses, and private one-to-one basis meeting which will be adapted to your specific needs.

For on-line courses please refer to Online Courses to see the descriptions of the special programs. For private lessons, please contact us directly by e-mail to make an appointment. If you want to book for a class please go to Book Online. Hope to see you there!