Program Highlights


  • Morning Practice will be conducted, starting slowly and progressing through the series.
  • Starting with Samasthiti to find a more natural approach to all asana practices.
  • Using Surya Namaskara(sun salutations) and standing posture practices to understand how our Samskaras (impressions/imprints in the deeper structure of the mind) drive us.
  • Clearing the Samskarasis Nirodha and the purpose of practice.
  • Using the essential core practices to find continuity throughout all levels and forms of practice.
  • Establishing a common vocabulary of physical anatomy as well as philosophical influences on the method to create a constancy of mind in all of our various practices.
  • Clearing and orienting the mind so the body can follow.


  • The « clinics » workshops, so called by Chuck, will be focused on the following items:
  • Translating, explaining and practicing « Sama-VrttiUjjaiPranaAyama»
  • Improving our knowledge of the Samasthiti.
  • The pelvis: how to place it? How to find the « neutral » position and how to be aware of it in the different asanas.
  • The shoulder: how to protect it and use it correctly so it will last all our lives.
  • What does « Do your Practice and all is coming » mean?
  • Discussion: What is a forward arch, what is a back arch, what is a twist, and how to protect our body in all these different types of practices?
  • Investigating Inversions and Back arches.
  • The importance of the Finishing Practices and Shavasana.