VINYASA is a methode and the core concept of the classical Ashtanga Yoga sequence


…Like taking a walk, we take an elaborate walk, all in the confined space of our yoga mat!

Vinyasa. What is it?

Vinyasa means a gradual, step-by-step approach.  Vinyasa are steps taken incrementally. Think of this as something that takes you from where you are to somewhere else.Vinyasa is a link or connection, an approach to and through a method. It is expressed by Pattabhi as: “Slowly, slowly, one-by-one, step by step, you take practice. Gradually all is coming.” And, “It is the Breathing System.”

Vinyasa is the linking of mind, body and breath. It is the linking of breath and movement. These “Breath/Movement” units are the steps in our yoga practice, as in the 9 “Vinyasa” of SuryaNamaskara A. Vinyasa is also the connection of all of these steps together to make up the whole sequence of the day’s practice. Vinyasa is the connection/link of one day’s practice to the next day’s or next year’s or perhaps the next life-time’s.

Vinyasa is, in fact, Yoga.

“Vinyasa is the breathing system.” KPJ.

The breath and movement are one thing. These “BreathMovements” are the counted steps that we put together as the method and sequence. They are like prayer beads on a string. Yet they are not dead, like stones or pieces of wood. They are alive, like seeds, Living seeds that need to be soaked in the sweat of our practice and sprouted and planted into the fertile ground of your yogamat. It is our tapas, our Sadhana.

Each of them needs to grow as it is ready. Like flowers blossoming and fruits ripening.

This is Vinyasa.

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