Our Teachers

My inspiration and friend is Chuck Miller, he doesn’t teach me asanas, he teaches me Metta: Love and Kindness. Dona Holleman is brilliant and exceptionally intelligent, she doesn’t teach us the precision of the physical body she teaches us the gentleness of the energetic body. I’m also grateful for the deeper and sincere knowledge Ramanand Patel had been sharing kindly with us during his classes. I also studied with many other talented friends all over the world.

When I finished my philosophical studies, I became interested in learning Sanskrit to study the yogic texts, this is a typical philosophical practice we are encouraged to do when we study philosophy. During this time Chuck Miller was visiting Paris. I saw him 10 year earlier in a video and I was very impressed by his very concentrated face during his practice. I didn’t know anything about him, I didn’t know his name or his history, but I could see something special and different in his concentration during the practice. 

When I knew he visited Paris I signed up immediately for his class, I did’t have any other information about him. At that time, I was not interested in following a specific method, I was just practicing yoga to be a more kind human being, the form of the practice was not important for me. During that period I was struggling with the academic « way » to study philosophy: a lot in a theoretical aspect, and not in a practical way. Spontaneously I started to incorporate all the theoretical knowledge in my life, and this was not really appreciated in the academic studies.

Simultaneously, at this time in Chuck classes in Paris he proposed a very interesting philosophical approach of the practice, and what he said was in concordance with what we were studying in the theoretical part. This is what really motivated me to continue studying Yoga in this way, I could find at this moment the re-union of my passions in life: Yoga practice and Philosophy, working together!