Mysore Style

This is the original method of learning the sequences of Ashtanga Yoga. In a collective room, called Shala in Sanskrit, each student learns individually. The teacher gives advice and adjusts the Asanas for each student according to their individual requirements at that moment. Each student learns at their own pace.

Mysore practice is a unique approach to learning yoga. It is a methodology that aims to build a regular, individual routine of yoga practice, using a sequence of postures that are learned slowly, step by step. On the first day of class, you will learn the Sun Salutation to stretch and strengthen the entire body and invigorate the breath, some standing postures to strengthen and stabilize the legs, back and waist, and meditative postures to calm the nervous system, focus the mind and quiet the breath.

In the second class, you will review what you learned on the first day and then learn the next postures, depending on your physical condition and needs. If you already have a lot of yoga experience, you can learn several of the next postures. If you are brand new to yoga or have done yoga in the past but have not practiced in a few years, are recovering from an illness or accident, you will want to slow down and perhaps learn some therapeutic poses to incorporate into your routine.

This is an individualized approach to yoga. You will not do everything at once, but learn to master each posture to some degree before moving on to the next.

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