Maray is a dedicated and sincere yoga student and practitioner of yoga. She studies now intensely with Dona Holleman and Ramanand Patel. She teach yoga in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

Maray began her yoga practice in 2001, at first she was mostly interested in meditation, philosophy and spirituality. The awakening of the body came later, but naturally. She started to practice Zen Meditation and it is from this period that she began to be interested in Buddhist philosophy. When she listened for the first time we are all one, this sentence intrigued her so much that, since that day, this idea has literally led her personal research. 

Her interest in Philosophy and art led her to study the Aesthetics of art at the Catholic University of Chile, and then Philosophy in Paris at the Sorbonne University. During this period she could deepen her knowledge in Western philosophy (modern philosophy, science, and art) and also in Indian and Buddhist philosophy through the guidance of her teacher François Chenet, and his friends Louis Renou and Lakshmi Kapani. In a parallel way she studied different forms of natural healings like Reiki, Ayurveda, Flower of Bach, as well as Psychology and ancients forms of healing with plants.

Maray always wondering about how to apply all these philosophical theories in daily life. Spontaneously, she started to do it by herself, but it’s when she met Chuck Miller for the first time that she really found this connection between philosophy and practice. In Chuck’s classes, philosophy was integrated to practice or practice included philosophy. Philosophy & practice were not separate anymore.

Even if her natural approach was originally philosophical and spiritual, it became necessary to be completed by a deeper understanding & connexion with the physical body. This awareness, compassion, and listening of the body, she learns it now following the helpful and loving teachings of Dona Holleman. Discovered this connexion between all the different aspects of the practice, and that all these aspects were working together.

Recently, Maray has encountered on her journey the teachings of Ramanand Patel, which have been brought to her practice, a profound and sincere knowledge of the Yoga as a spiritual practice. Starting to discover the connection with the divine which is in us and everywhere out. Learning to cultivate devotion, humility and sincere service to the students. 

Maray always thought there will be one day an end at her research, this research that started so many years ago with the sentence we are all one during a Sesshin. But now she understands that it’s just starting now, and starting again every day, and it will be probably “never-ending”. That’s guide her journey, a little “step by step approach” everyday, a little more conscience every minute of life and a little more LOVE and opened heart every tiny second of time.

Freedom only come from LOVE