Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Learn the fundamentals of Ashtanga practice in detail and precision. What will provide you the base to have the autonomy to join de Mysore classes or the classes of your choice. We will study and experience the concepts of Bandhas, Drsti, Vinyāsa and Ujjayī Prānāyāma. And explore and navigate together de Sun Salutations and the Standing Asanas of the Yoga Chikitsā series. The primary series on the Ashtanga method.

Everyone is welcome, students from other methods, students who have been never practiced yoga before, or students who want to rebuild their practice.


This is a week-end immersion on the Ashtanga Yoga Method. We have our first meeting on Friday evening (from 7 to 8 pm) to make our first check in and resolve any doubt you can have. We will give you some advices about how to prepare yourself as best for the next days practices. This meeting is a question/answer conversation, we will start and end with a short meditation. Then we meet on Saturday and Sunday morning from 9.00 to 12:00. During these days you are going to submerge yourself in this amazing and profound practice.

We will talk about the philosophy behind the method and their benefits, Why we practice? We are going to shed some light on technical concepts such as Bandhas and Ujjai breathing, and we will explore what Ashtanga and Vinyasa means? And about all, we will Practice! We will navigate on the key postures of the practice to be sure that after the course you can continue with a solid base on your Yoga Journey. 

Then, if you are motivated, you can join the Special Mysore week, which is the traditional way to practice this method. And which will help you to anchor your practice and learn how to cultivate a daily yoga practice at home or in a community of yogis.