Foundational Yoga Teacher Training

This foundational course, is a complete online course and an excellent starting point to deepen your personal practice and perhaps become a yoga teacher. We will guide you through the full spectrum of yogic teachings to ensure that you have a strong foundation to practice and why not to teach. We will explore the history, philosophy, literature, foundational yoga asana practice and foundational Anatomy for Yoga. That then, you will be allow to use in any yoga style. The specific purpose of this foundation yoga training is to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of the essential features of yoga against a broad cultural background. This will enable you to better understand the vast literature that has been written over the years, and it will also give you a solid foundation for further study of any branch of yoga practice that you wish to explore more deeply with greater confidence. At the same time, we will encourage you to put this knowledge into daily practice.

Starting in 2023.

More Info coming soon!