Beginners Ashtanga

You can join any time, if it’s your first practice or if you want to review the bases of your own asana practice. We study some fundamental movements of the body that can be used in any yoga practice at any level.We explore the basics of the first series of the Ashtanga yoga method. We take the time in each asana to explore it in its own nature and detail.

In this month-long course, you will receive lots of loving attention to help you build a solid foundation in Ashtanga Yoga that will prepare you for the next steps of learning. Over the course of a month you will learn, the introductory sequences of the Ashtanga Yoga primary series, clear explanations of the technique used to connect the asanas with the breath, called vinyasa, personal attention to your evolving practice, an understanding of how to gradually build a sustainable yet challenging yoga practice, tips on breathing and meditation, exploration of the various limbs of yoga, including diet and sleep habits, time for questions and answers.

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